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Looking back at the LeaseWeb Texel Airshow 2015

LeaseWeb provides powerful hosting infrastructure that is blazingly fast, has maximum uptime and behaves in a reliable manner. This is an essential part of our service, because just like pilots rely on the systems of their aircraft, our customers trust our solutions to work without a fault.

Why do I draw this comparison? Well, LeaseWeb was originally founded by two pilots. Way back in 1997, Con Zwinkels and Laurens Rosenthal flew huge airplanes from one continent to the other. During their free time, they developed a commercial website which eventually evolved into the global hosting provider we know and love today. Now, I’ll save the full company history for another day, but whether it’s steering complex machines through the air or setting up complex machines in data centers, reliable technology has always formed the heart and soul of LeaseWeb.

That’s why we were once again the sponsor of one of Europe’s greatest airshows, the aptly named LeaseWeb Texel Airshow:

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Magic in the air during the LeaseWeb Texel Airshow

Wow… Just wow… That’s the best description of the LeaseWeb Texel Airshow 2012. LeaseWeb was the proud head sponsor of this unique event, which took place on the 28th of July on the island of Texel, the Netherlands. We had been working like mad men (and women) in the weeks leading up to day of the show, designing t-shirts, ordering fifteen thousand miniature versions of the LeaseWeb Extra 330LT, and doing quite a bit of PR-activity to attract attention to the event. We also invited many customers and partners to enjoy the spectacle with us. And, of course, all our employees were welcome too, whether they worked in our Dutch, German or American offices.

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All aboard the LeaseWeb airplane! Destination: The Cloud

Cloud is one of the hottest topics in the industry right now. But how many hosting providers can literally take you into the clouds? This summer, we are creating aeronautical adventures with the LeaseWeb Cloud 330 experience!

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Be our VIP at the LeaseWeb Texel Airshow!

Things are heating up for the LeaseWeb Texel Airshow on the 28th of July! While it’s still more than a month away, we’re quite busy making all the arrangements for our guests, making sure they’ll have a wonderful experience. Here’s a quick overview of what to expect on that summer day and how you can win a VIP treatment as a guest of LeaseWeb.

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LeaseWeb is the sponsor of Texel Airshow

Did you know the Netherlands has 14 small islands in the north, collectively known as the West Frisian Islands? Only 5 of those are actually inhabited, the most populous of which is the island of Texel (pronounced: Tessel). Why would we tell you this? Well, after a long absence, one of the most spectacular shows in the Netherlands takes place again at Texel Airport this year: The LeaseWeb Texel Airshow!

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