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What is the most cost efficient way to manage infrastructure for the increasingly popular Free-to-play model?

Free to Play, often abbreviated to F2P, means you can play a game without paying a dime for it. Sounds great doesn’t it? Some industry experts say that F2P might be the first step towards a totally new gaming market. Until then, some games start out as a Pay to Play version (like DC Universe Online, Age of Conan or League of Legends), who later switch to F2P. Other games are designed with F2P in mind, like the recently released Tribes: Ascend. The F2P model is one that truly provides a win-win outcome for gaming companies and players alike.
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LeaseWeb proudly presents Service Level Management!

It’s of course really important to everyone here at LeaseWeb that we maintain a great relationship with our clients. As a company we are always on the look-out for new ways to proactively take relationships to the next level while providing the highest quality of service.

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LeaseWeb clients treading-in!

Last week a group of valued LeaseWeb clients were invited to a day at the Amsterdam Polo Trophy. The clients were invited to watch some competitive polo with a small group of client facing LeaseWeb employees at the ‘Amsterdamse Bos’ as well as enjoying some great food, drinks, networking, music and of course watching some great games.

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Celebrating Queen’s Day in style with our valued LeaseWeb clients

LeaseWeb hosts a large amount of servers in various datacenters across the world, including some in the Netherlands. We invited a number of valued LeaseWeb clients to celebrate Queen’s night in Amsterdam, to  get to know our customers better and enjoy some quality time together

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LeaseWeb on Twitter

"Mens sana in corpore sano" - Our team in training for last year's Viking Run #LeaseWeb20 #throwbackthursday

test Twitter Media - "Mens sana in corpore sano" - Our team in training for last year's Viking Run #LeaseWeb20 #throwbackthursday

The cloud gives IT and business leaders a chance to rethink the effectiveness of their business continuity strategy:

System Administrator wanted. Do you have experience in managing internal IT Systems and broad software knowledge?