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Important Upgrade Support Department

Amsterdam, September 15, 2009 – LeaseWeb (, one the world’s leading dedicated hosting providers, has significantly upgraded its Support Department over the past six months in response to signs that customers’ support experience could be improved. The most recent semi-annual customer survey held among more than 1,300 customers showed that the measures are having a positive effect.

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LeaseWeb 1st Hosting Provider to Install Child Porn Filter

LeaseWeb, one of Europes largest business hosting providers, has initiated a pilot to check images on child porn sensitive websites with so called hash technology. LeaseWeb will implement the filtering solution in close consultation with Dutch Ministry of Justice and Dutch Child Porn Hotline, in cooperation with Swedish company NetClean.

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Dedicated Hosting Provider LeaseWeb Expands Network & Support Department

Dedicated hosting provider LeaseWeb, among the global top 20 hosting providers, expands its Network & Support Department and appoints four new network engineers. Their responsibilities cover operational services, including monitoring the hosting network, providing customers with hosting services and support, and providing sales support.

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NetApp and LeaseWeb to Launch Virtual Storage Platform

Platform will enable LeaseWeb hosting customers to consolidate their storage

Hosting provider LeaseWeb has decided to use a FAS 3040HA mid-range platform by NetApp so that it will be able to offer its customers a complete storage-on-demand (SOD) solution. The platform will enable LeaseWeb to offer managed back-up and disaster recovery services.

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LeaseWeb Earns ISO 27001 Certification: Guarantee For Safe Hosting

Dr. Paans: “Is LeaseWeb’s worldwide growth being managed properly?”

LeaseWeb, the biggest corporate hosting provider in the Netherlands, has been granted ISO 27001 certification for information security by Dr. Ronald Paans of Noordbeek IT Audit. This gives LeaseWeb’s customers a firm guarantee that their websites are hosted in a secure and well-managed environment.

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Twenga Outsources Dedicated Hosting Heavy Website to LeaseWeb

Twenga currently has 100 dedicated servers at the data center, more than 500 in two years!

Twenga, a global online shopping comparison site, is letting LeaseWeb host its �heavy� website. The company initially needs over 100 dedicated servers, primarily to obtain all of the product data from e-commerce websites indexed by Twenga. LeaseWeb has installed the dedicated servers at EvoSwitch, the CO2-neutral data center.

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Live Streaming Portal Picks Hosting Provider LeaseWeb

Festivals, concerts, parties and sports reports live via LeaseWeb streaming hosting, a new multilingual internet platform for live broadcasting, has selected Dutch hosting provider LeaseWeb because of the size of LeaseWeb’s international hosting network. went live in April 2008. Everyone can easily make his own programme or even his own web-tv via the portal, all for free.

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Web Developer Seneca Virtualises Hosting via LeaseWeb

Migration of hosting customers: from 50 Physical Servers to 10

Seneca, a leading Dutch web developer with 125 employees, is virtualising its hosting environment at hosting provider LeaseWeb with VMware. Seneca hopes to complete the full hosting migration of all its customers within a year. By that time, the current 50 physical servers will have made way for a maximum of 10 physical servers.

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LeaseWeb Expands Global Hosting Network to 210 Gbps

Philosophy: Twice as much bandwidth available as used by hosting clients

LeaseWeb, the largest business hosting provider in the Netherlands, has expanded its already sizeable hosting network from 160 Gigabits per second (Gbps) to 210 Gbps. The extension is necessary to continue realising the LeaseWeb philosophy: always have twice as much capacity available as the bandwidth used by clients with their internet sites.

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LeaseWeb is the world’s fastest growing hosting company

Number 1 position according to American Magazine HostReview

LeaseWeb has been occupying the number 1 position on the list of the world’s fastest growing hosting companies for 6 months now. The Fastest Growing Companies list is published monthly by the American magazine HostReview.

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