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Organizations are still making common security mistakes with their websites

Have you ever checked out It’s a very high-profile British IT magazine. They published a really interesting today, based on an interview with our LeaseWeb Security Officer Alex de Joode. He relates some insights on the security mistakes many professionally maintained websites still contain. The article also digs into how you, as an owner of a website or business, can prevent or dodge these potential pitfalls by taking some simple measures into consideration.

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Top 4 things to monitor in order to protect your servers

Cybercrime dominated the IT and national press in 2010 with many high profile incidents from global cyber attacks to international botnet busts. Stuxnet, which is a form of malware that targets industrial equipment appeared in June 2010, and changed the cyber security landscape as we know it. The Stuxnet incident provided a wakeup call to businesses and governments. Stuxnet reinforced the idea that cyber warfare has become very real and a serious threat to internet security. The FBI recently announced it logged its two millionth internet crime complaint in November, reflecting the continued growth of cybercrime.

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LeaseWeb is a secure place

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting the administrator of the site, the leading Zeus tracker site. is one of a number of sites LeaseWeb supports under its Community Outreach Project to make the internet a safer and better place. LeaseWeb works with many not-for-profit organizations that monitor the web for malicious activity, offering free hosting and servers in return for the information that these groups collect on suspected internet security issues.

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