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On-Premise vs. Cloud Hosting: Which Option Is Right for Your Business?

cloud hostingOn-site hosting has traditionally been viewed as a safe option for both storing and processing data.  It ensures you, the owner, remain in sole control of all the hardware. The owner retains the ability to choose what hardware (& software) best suits their needs along with the notion that security managed locally is safer managed on-premise, rather than off-site.

On-premise hosting offers several benefits; however, choosing this route is typically a more expensive option when compared to an infrastructure-as-a-service model (OPEX vs CAPEX). Given the requirement for software licenses, in-house IT support and usually a longer integration period, more companies are finding that cloud services could offer a more flexible way to tackle their IT infrastructure needs, if the correct (hybrid) model is chosen.

Although on-premise hosting is a reliable means for hosting all kinds of information, many companies are finding cloud services to be more convenient, flexible, cost-efficient, and secure than ever before & also include additional features and advantages.

The Advancements in Cloud Infrastructure Technology

The use of cloud servers is increasing, which is a trend that is expected to continue. A year ago, research company IDC found the number of traditional data centers accounted for 62 percent of IT infrastructure spending. Public clouds made up 23 percent of spending and private clouds composed 15 percent. These numbers are predicted to shift by 2020, as IDC estimates data centers will drop to around 50 percent of total spending, while public clouds flourish to nearly a third of the market and private clouds will increase to 20 percent.

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The Right Gaming Server Can Make or Break a Platform

gaming serversWhen it comes to creating a successful gaming platform, it is extremely important to have the proper infrastructure in place. Planning for long-term success is key, making it crucial to focus on utilizing gaming servers that ensure games have the scalability and low-latency they need to stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Choosing the right server for your gaming needs comes down to preference. Some developers prefer running a cloud-based infrastructure, while others choose the computing power equipped with high CPUs and SSDs that dedicated servers have to offer. There are different options available for game developers to choose from, depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

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