Articles by Bas Vissers (Manager Abuse Prevention)

A closer look at abuse handling at Leaseweb

It should come as no surprise that the Leaseweb services companies receive abuse notifications on a daily basis. That’s why last┬áJuly, a new Leaseweb Abuse Handler was launched which increases efficiency for those who submit notifications, for our customers and for the Leaseweb companies. We receive abuse notifications from a variety of companies and NGOs […]

Tips from the Leaseweb Abuse Prevention department

Many customers will come across the Abuse Prevention department, sooner or later. A compromised server or a fraudulent sign-up by a new customer are things that commonly happen. Such events will most likely end up with you receiving an abuse notification which may range from a simple notification regarding a port scan to a notification […]

Leaseweb’s new Abuse Handler is now live

The various Leaseweb services companies are always looking to improve the processes involved with handling abuse notifications and to increase user-friendliness. Over the past few years, we have received valuable feedback on the abuse handling process from customers and third parties who submitted notifications. With that feedback in mind, we have developed a brand new […]