Articles by Amir Eliakim (Manager Security)

SuperMicro BMC Vulnerability reminds you to keep your servers secure

On Thursday 19 June, Leaseweb learned of the new critical SuperMicro baseboard management controller (BMC) vulnerability that allows retrieving the remote login password via an internet scan on port 49152. We continuously look out for security issues that may have an impact on our customers. An integral part of preventing or limiting the impact these […]

Heartbleed: OpenSSL zero day vulnerability

In the morning of Tuesday, 8 April, we noticed that a bug had been reported in OpenSSL (CVE-2014-0160), called Heartbleed. This bug can only be found in third-party software. It enables hackers to read 64K of memory on a server that is running one of the OpenSSL versions affected by this issue.