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LeaseWeb’s network activities during the holiday season and beyond

Today’s post gives you an insight into LeaseWeb’s networking department and our activities during December. As you know, we’ve had a really busy year providing reliable and high capacity data to and from the internet and across our customers, whilst managing network access and security.

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Website Traffic in the summertime

We are well into the holiday season and we hope that everyone is making the most of the sunshine! But have you ever wondered what happens to web traffic when people go on holiday, or spend their time outdoors? With millions of people all over the world choosing to jet off at the same time of year, how does this affect you or your company’s web traffic, when there are less people surfing the net?

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Is the Internet Running out of IPs?

Thursday, the 3rd of Feb 2011 was an important day in the history of Internet. On this date the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), the organization responsible for managing all IP addresses globally announced that its pool of IPv4 addresses had been totally exhausted. The last 5 blocks were handed over to the 5 regional IP registries: RIPE for Europe and Middle East, ARIN for North America, LACNIC for Latin America and Caribbean, AfriNIC for Africa and APNIC for Asia Pacific region. It is estimated that RIPE and ARIN will run out of IPv4 addresses at the end of this year, with the other registries exhausting their allocations by the end of next year.

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Networking 2010 Review

This has been a great year for the Network department at LeaseWeb. We have added substantial capacity, upgraded our core routers and network systems, and have continued LeaseWeb’s well-deserved reputation of providing our customers the highest quality connectivity of any commercial host. Some of the key points to consider:

Growth! While the expansion rate of the internet as a whole has been slowing — for LeaseWeb ultra high growth is still the operable word! In 2009 we celebrated 500 Gbps, now we are reaching 825 Gbps – an annual rate of increase of over 60%.

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CDN goes beta: New Content Delivery Provides LeaseWeb Customers Advanced Scalable CDN Options

Very shortly some of our customers will take part in a beta program to validate our new Content Delivery Network (CDN) product. This is another step in a continuing program at LeaseWeb to offer internet technologies, which can efficiently deliver content to users. CDN leverages our high quality, high bandwidth network with an advanced implementation of CDN to meet LeaseWeb client requirements.

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500 Gbps, another milestone

On our previous post (Biggest @ AMS-IX), we mentioned our upgrade at the AMS-IX to 120 Gbps and being the biggest AMS-IX traffic provider. We are proud to mention another threshold beaten: for the last week our traffic has been exceeding 500 Gbps, which is almost double of our traffic a year ago. This means we still double our traffic each year, and we currently expect this happening next year as well.

There are different estimations of the whole Internet traffic, but we may generate 0.5 up to 1% of the world Internet. In 2010 we will keep growing!


[2009-12-08 update: correction in percentage traffic]

Traffic quadrupled!

This week we have broken the 300 Gbps (!!) traffic barrier we were facing several months. After the big increase we had since september 2007 where we went though the 200Gbps barrier� in October, only 6 months later we already exceeded the 300Gbps.

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