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TCP, SPDY and LeaseWeb

Looking back on the past decade, the speed of the internet has made major progress, with many of the limitations removed through the years. A 50-100 Mbps connection at home is nothing extraordinary anymore, while hardware became cheaper and cheaper. But even with the fastest PC and the fastest internet connection, there is usually a noticeable delay when loading a website. For some pages it is less than half a second, for others it can even be two seconds or more. As they say: time is money (especially on the internet), so reducing loading times is one of the major goals of the LeaseWeb Networking department.

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It’s all in the game, part 2: Ensuring worldwide connectivity for your MMO games

Welcome to the second part in our blog series on hosting for the online gaming industry. In the weeks leading up to GameConnection Europe, we’ll talk about various topics to keep in mind when looking for a suitable hosting solution for MMO games. This week we are looking at connectivity.

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