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An exhilarating journey – strewn with crossroads, diverse turns, and new routes

To address IT needs, customers have been increasingly requesting for additional value added services. The time has finally come when we can complement our offerings with extended levels of services through our partner community.

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What is the most cost efficient way to manage infrastructure for the increasingly popular Free-to-play model?

Free to Play, often abbreviated to F2P, means you can play a game without paying a dime for it. Sounds great doesn’t it? Some industry experts say that F2P might be the first step towards a totally new gaming market. Until then, some games start out as a Pay to Play version (like DC Universe Online, Age of Conan or League of Legends), who later switch to F2P. Other games are designed with F2P in mind, like the recently released Tribes: Ascend. The F2P model is one that truly provides a win-win outcome for gaming companies and players alike.
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The added value of social media in the hosting industry

It seems that the potential of social media in the hosting industry has not been fully recognized yet. If you look at Twitter, blog sites like WebHostingTalk (and let’s not forget Facebook/Google+), you will see that some of the big players in the industry don’t even have an account. On the other hand, the few that do spend resources on it are slowly taking it to the next level.

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Website Traffic in the summertime

We are well into the holiday season and we hope that everyone is making the most of the sunshine! But have you ever wondered what happens to web traffic when people go on holiday, or spend their time outdoors? With millions of people all over the world choosing to jet off at the same time of year, how does this affect you or your company’s web traffic, when there are less people surfing the net?

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Get inside technical knowledge from our R&D teams

Over the last few months, our regular blog-readers can’t have missed the growth that LeaseWeb has recently been going through on all levels. We’ve been working hard to further advance our delivery platforms, while at the same time adjusting our internal systems and processes to accommodate our new German and American offices. And we’re not done yet.

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LeaseWeb Provisioning Meets Customer Needs

Next in the series of inside scoops we profile our Provisioning department. Provisioning works really closely with sales and sales support and it is a true testament to the leadership of this department that it has managed to grow so quickly within such a short period.  We strive to be transparent to our customers so I hope you enjoy reading how these scoops.

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LeaseWeb inside scoop: System Administration

As Ruud’s last blog post showed, Ocom (and LeaseWeb with it) is growing pretty fast. We wouldn’t be able to accomplish results like these without a motivated and skilled group of people. Behind our website, products and impressive bandwidth graphs there are a number of teams working on keeping us up and running – and we’d like to introduce some of them in a series of interviews.

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LeaseWeb is really proud to reach Deloitte Technology Fast 50 list

Once again our parent company Ocom has featured in the Deloitte Technology Fast50 Benelux 2010 list which was announced last week, this time we are in 32nd place.  This award honors the fastest growing technology companies in the region based on revenue growth and it feels great to be running a company that is going from success to success.

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Big Hosting Provider

Is it important for a hosting provider to grow significantly? LeaseWeb is the largest business hosting provider in the Netherlands as well as ranked in the worldwide top 20, and it just so happens that we are growing very quickly which makes that question easier to answer in the affirmative. But believe us when we say that growth in and of itself is not an objective to us; it has a clear reason.

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LeaseWeb on Twitter

In Barcelona for @VMworld. Meet us and hear about the challenges and opportunities of moving to the cloud. Sign up:…

test Twitter Media - In Barcelona for @VMworld. Meet us and hear about the challenges and opportunities of moving to the cloud. Sign up:

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