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What is the most cost efficient way to manage infrastructure for the increasingly popular Free-to-play model?

Free to Play, often abbreviated to F2P, means you can play a game without paying a dime for it. Sounds great doesn’t it? Some industry experts say that F2P might be the first step towards a totally new gaming market. Until then, some games start out as a Pay to Play version (like DC Universe Online, Age of Conan or League of Legends), who later switch to F2P. Other games are designed with F2P in mind, like the recently released Tribes: Ascend. The F2P model is one that truly provides a win-win outcome for gaming companies and players alike.
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Celebrating Queen’s Day in style with our valued LeaseWeb clients

LeaseWeb hosts a large amount of servers in various datacenters across the world, including some in the Netherlands. We invited a number of valued LeaseWeb clients to celebrate Queen’s night in Amsterdam, to  get to know our customers better and enjoy some quality time together

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Is the Internet Running out of IPs?

Thursday, the 3rd of Feb 2011 was an important day in the history of Internet. On this date the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), the organization responsible for managing all IP addresses globally announced that its pool of IPv4 addresses had been totally exhausted. The last 5 blocks were handed over to the 5 regional IP registries: RIPE for Europe and Middle East, ARIN for North America, LACNIC for Latin America and Caribbean, AfriNIC for Africa and APNIC for Asia Pacific region. It is estimated that RIPE and ARIN will run out of IPv4 addresses at the end of this year, with the other registries exhausting their allocations by the end of next year.

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