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Scuba dive into the world of submarine cables

The underwater world is nothing less than science fiction – with due respect to the flora and fauna – it’s the matrix of fiber optics orbiting the earth that transports you to a world of cabled mystery! And this real submarine world was created much before the Wachowski siblings came up with the idea of a virtual supernatural world.

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Peering basics: a closer look at Internet Exchanges

In my previous blog post, I gave an overview of public and private peering, discussing the pros and cons of each. Today we’ll take a closer look at the most cost-effective form: public peering.

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IPv4 & IPv6 interoperability and the LeaseWeb network

World IPv6 LaunchYou may have noticed that there has been a lot of noise about IPv6 recently, with the ‘World IPv6 Launch’ taking place on 6 June 2012. However, you might wonder why progress remains so low. Well, the main factor is that IPv6 and IPv4 are two completely separate protocols. IPv6 is not backwards-compatible with IPv4, meanwhile IPv6-only hosts are unable to connect to the traditional IPv4 Internet.

Unfortunately this distinction is a decision that was made over 15 years ago; but it is only now that we are faced with the issues this creates. It means that for a relatively long period of time we will have two separate internet ‘universes’ – one old (IPv4) and one new (IPv6).

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LeaseWeb expands into Germany

On Monday, LeaseWeb announced its expansion into Germany with the acquisition of netdirekt, a leading Frankfurt based, German hosting company. This transaction is part of continuing initiatives by LeaseWeb to meet customer requirements for the quality internet products and services in high growth internet markets.

LeaseWeb has been serving the global internet market, since its founding in 1997. LeaseWeb currently peers with all major European internet exchanges including: Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Brussels, Copenhagen, Luxemburg, Paris, Budapest, Bucharest, Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Milan, Vienna, Stockholm, Oslo, Zurich and Madrid. In addition, LeaseWeb is developing strong network connectivity in North America.

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