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Filtering: the pilot

Since a report by the WODC (see Filtering The Internet) stated that it is unclear whether filtering is effective or not, we have been in contact with the Ministry of Justice and Meldpunt Kinderporno (Hotline combating Child Pornography) and discussed ways of reducing child pornography on the Internet. Although we, as a Service Provider, are not responsible for the content our customers put online, we find it good corporate governance to do everything we can to reduce this problem. As a result we will start a pilot soon with filtering images.

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LeaseWeb 1st Hosting Provider to Install Child Porn Filter

LeaseWeb, one of Europe’s largest business hosting providers, has initiated a pilot to check images on child porn sensitive websites with so called hash technology. LeaseWeb will implement the filtering solution in close consultation with Dutch Ministry of Justice and Dutch Child Porn Hotline, in cooperation with Swedish company NetClean.

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Filtering the Internet

During the last year there have been several discussions about filtering content on the internet. Should this be dealt with by the government (creating better legislation) or should ISPs come with a solution?

Last week the WODC (Research and Documentation Centre) published an interesting report (Dutch with English summary) about the technical and legal possibilities of blocking and filtering child pornographic material on the internet. In their research the WODC tried to find an answer to the question: what are the technical posibilities of filtering and blocking content on the internet and what are the legal possibilities?
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