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LeaseWeb’s network activities during the holiday season and beyond

Today’s post gives you an insight into LeaseWeb’s networking department and our activities during December. As you know, we’ve had a really busy year providing reliable and high capacity data to and from the internet and across our customers, whilst managing network access and security.

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WHD.local 2011: extending LeaseWeb’s hosting services towards Poland

On 4th October 2011, two LeaseWeb Business Development Managers traveled all the way from our HQ in the Netherlands to Warsaw, Poland for WHD.local. This event is a World Hosting Days spin-off that brings the most interesting IT companies to a location close to local businesses. Smaller, more compact and more intensive than its parent event, WHD.local gives an update on current hosting affairs. It also offers the opportunity to meet many interesting industry colleagues and discover whether we can support them as a hosting provider. All this is done together with lunch, coffee breaks and an evening reception.

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Website Traffic in the summertime

We are well into the holiday season and we hope that everyone is making the most of the sunshine! But have you ever wondered what happens to web traffic when people go on holiday, or spend their time outdoors? With millions of people all over the world choosing to jet off at the same time of year, how does this affect you or your company’s web traffic, when there are less people surfing the net?

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10 Tips on how to identify a quality hosting provider

Finding a quality hosting provider can be harder than it seems despite the development of the industry and a huge choice of suppliers. Setting up a quality internet infrastructure, be it dedicated servers or cloud services may have become everyday business, but choosing a provider should definitely not be left to chance. LeaseWeb has put together a list of key questions that should definitely be asked to ensure the right choice is made.

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Networking 2010 Review

This has been a great year for the Network department at LeaseWeb. We have added substantial capacity, upgraded our core routers and network systems, and have continued LeaseWeb’s well-deserved reputation of providing our customers the highest quality connectivity of any commercial host. Some of the key points to consider:

Growth! While the expansion rate of the internet as a whole has been slowing — for LeaseWeb ultra high growth is still the operable word! In 2009 we celebrated 500 Gbps, now we are reaching 825 Gbps – an annual rate of increase of over 60%.

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