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Attention solution providers: don’t get lost in the cloud

cloud2A little while back I attended the Cloud Partners conference in Chicago. One of most striking things I heard was in a keynote session delivered by Tiffani Bova from Gartner. She stated that cloud adoption slowed down! And this was not because of lack of end-user demand. Instead, it was due to solution providers (SPs) not transforming their business fast enough to fit the cloud era and unlock its market potential.

It’s a shame, really – considering the revenues they can generate from cloud. A recent study by AMI_Partners showed that SPs with moderate to low growth rate in the U.S. obtain only a third of their revenues from cloud. At the same time, SPs with a high growth rate enjoy half of their revenues from cloud.

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Making Sense of Uncommon Sense

The summer holidays have come to an end for most of us, and the warm, long days have started to shorten and are getting colder.main

Back to my senses?
I was on my way back from my summer vacation, when I did something completely different. Instead of racing back home on Germany’s autobahn for a full day, I branched off midway to experience the scenic beauty of the Main valley. This unfamiliar route unfolded a whole new Germany for me, with quaint little medieval villages and vineyards carpeting the hill slopes. I was completely unaware of the existence of all this beauty due to my robotic habit of driving through the known paths to reach my destination quickly. Now, before you jump to any conclusion, let me clarify that am not a trip advisor – the intent of sharing this experience is to stress that doing things differently certainly pays off.

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An exhilarating journey – strewn with crossroads, diverse turns, and new routes

To address IT needs, customers have been increasingly requesting for additional value added services. The time has finally come when we can complement our offerings with extended levels of services through our partner community.

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