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100GE: a logical next step for large networks

A guestblog by Pauline Hartsuiker, Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX)

AMS-IXInternet traffic is growing fast. More people are making use of wireless devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Cisco predicts in its Visual Networking Index that Internet traffic from these devices will exceed traffic from wired devices by 2014. Moreover, peak Internet traffic is growing more rapidly than average traffic. Cisco’s index reports that peak traffic will increase nearly fivefold by 2016. These developments put a large pressure on the capacity of IP networks. For organizations already dealing with high amounts of Internet traffic (such as a hosting provider), a 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) connection to an Internet exchange is a good solution.

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LeaseWeb now has a 100GE connection to AMS-IX!

I’m proud to announce that we have established a 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) connection to AMS-IX. The new Ethernet standard allows ten times the amount of traffic to be sent over one line compared to the previous standard of 10GE, thereby significantly improving bandwidth utilization. It’s a big technological leap forward: 100GE increases our capacity and reduces the inherent complications and potential issues associated with multiple lines. This makes it easier to scale and support growth. And not only will it offer greater flexibility, we’ll also be able to increase our capacity even faster when needed.

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Infradata equips LeaseWeb with 100 Gbps Ethernet interfaces by Juniper Networks

Leading European hosting provider LeaseWeb is one of the first hosting providers to invest in 100GE interfaces. The new 100 Gbps interfaces are being used in LeaseWeb’s Juniper Networks MX platform. Network integrator Infradata is making its contribution by ensuring delivery and support for the fast blades.

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Biggest @ AMS-IX

In my previous posts (Traffic Quadrupled) I mentioned the speed our total traffic is increasing. At this moment, our total traffic is almost hitting 500 Gbps (in April we did 300Gbps)!!

Last week, we connected another AMS-IX connection, which gives us a total of 120Gbps connection. At the very moment it was connected, we were already doing over 100Gbps at the AMS-IX. This makes us the largest traffic sending/receiving party on the largest internet exchange of the world! According to the AMS-IX there is no other company connected to the AMS-IX transmitting more traffic via the exchange as we do.

AMS-IX traffic @ LeaseWeb

AMS-IX traffic @ LeaseWeb

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