ISP Kart Competition 2012

On Saturday the 31st March, the ISP Kart Competition returned to great success. During this annual event industry veterans such as AMS-IX, Schuberg Philis and TeleCity gather and challenge each other to friendly duels on large kart racing tracks.

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LeaseWeb is the sponsor of Texel Airshow

Did you know the Netherlands has 14 small islands in the north, collectively known as the West Frisian Islands? Only 5 of those are actually inhabited, the most populous of which is the island of Texel (pronounced: Tessel). Why would we tell you this? Well, after a long absence, one of the most spectacular shows in the Netherlands takes place again at Texel Airport this year: The LeaseWeb Texel Airshow!

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LeaseWeb helps the monkeys as part of our corporate social responsibility program!

Help stichting AAP

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program is really important to everyone at LeaseWeb, and is something which is reflected on a number of levels throughout our work. We constantly address our practices to ensure that they are kept sustainable, and for this reason we utilize green datacenters. Besides this, LeaseWeb is connecting more clients to their cloud products daily, which results in improved resource utilization, which in turn is good for our sustainability. Another aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility which we’re keen to promote is the charity work that we have recently begun to do with an animal sanctuary: Stichting AAP (the AAP Foundation).

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Congratulations from LeaseWeb to all Dutch Website of the Year award winners

Last night the annual Dutch Website of the Year Awards took place in the ‘Beurs van Berlage’, Amsterdam. LeaseWeb attended the event as a sponsor and the team was given a great table right in front of the stage. It was a spectacular evening, filled with great food, drinks and entertainment.

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LeaseWeb is sponsoring the Website of the year awards

Note: Most links in this blog lead to websites written in Dutch

LeaseWeb is very happy to announce that we are a sponsoring partner of the ‘Website van het jaar 2011 verkiezingen’ – Dutch for the ‘Website of the year 2011 awards’. This annual event is an initiative from Emerce, one of the most popular monthly publications on e-commerce in the Netherlands and organizer of various events, including E-Day, the leading Dutch e-business event.

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