A maturity model for DevOps teams

TS_CoreViz_SocMedia_TNWLast year, we merged our existing operations and development departments into one Product Engineering department. Since then we have been focusing a lot on coaching all 13 teams and improving their effectiveness

In october last year, we attended an excellent talk by at Velocity Amsterdam. In this talk they explained their ongoing transition towards DevOps. One of the concepts they introduced, was a maturity model to measure and incentivise continuous improvements within a team.

Inspired by the talk, we have since developed and implemented a maturity model within our Product Engineering organization which consists of a matrix of four levels in four categories.

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Revealed on Tour: scaling infrastructure for world’s #1 DJ

This month, DJ’s Hardwell, Dyro, and Dannic returned from Revealed Recordings’ North American bus tour. These guys have been amazingly successful, scoring high on the music charts. After releasing a number of successful records, they continued last year’s tour, hitting ten of North America’s most prestigious venues.

You can imagine that when you go to one of the concerts of these top DJ’s, you get to experience something special. Their performances are supported by extensive shows, featuring 3D imaging, LED water fountains, and obviously world-class sound systems.

An important aspect of these tours – and an artist’s life in general – is keeping in touch with their fans. Fans now expect an almost 24/7 peek into what is happening on tour, supported with video fragments, social media, and other interesting news. To do this right can be a challenge, the selection of the right infrastructure and the design of a system to handle and scale to millions of visitors is imperative. Cloud and CDN infrastructure is changing the way this is done: so how was this used for the Revealed Tour?

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The LeaseWeb Knowledge Base is live

A New Year calls for new resolutions, and providing high-quality information to our customers is one of ours. Enter the new LeaseWeb Knowledge Base!

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How to migrate 3000 servers in 3 nights

Have you seen our latest video? In late December last year, we finally completed the relocation into our new data center space in Northern Virginia. While prepping for the work, we decided to film the whole process, showing how we migrated 3000 servers in 3 days:

One of our company values is transparency, so there was no hesitation when we thought of allowing a crew to film a “behind-the-scenes” video of our relocation project. It would showcase our work processes, our technology, and most of all, the dedication of our team. It was exciting to capture on film the commitment of our engineers working on this project day and night, in perfect synergy to ensure a successful transition.

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Public beta of mobile-optimized Customer Portal now available!

In the 21st century, being mobile is no longer a luxury, it’s a bare necessity. Our mobile phones have integrated so much with our daily chores that we hardly realize the worth, except for those odd moments when we accidentally leave them home!

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TCP, SPDY and LeaseWeb

Looking back on the past decade, the speed of the internet has made major progress, with many of the limitations removed through the years. A 50-100 Mbps connection at home is nothing extraordinary anymore, while hardware became cheaper and cheaper. But even with the fastest PC and the fastest internet connection, there is usually a noticeable delay when loading a website. For some pages it is less than half a second, for others it can even be two seconds or more. As they say: time is money (especially on the internet), so reducing loading times is one of the major goals of the LeaseWeb Networking department.

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Looking ahead: LeaseWeb and Cloud

At LeaseWeb, the Product Development and Operations departments are working together on building a new cloud platform. We’re now at a stage where we can share our vision on the cloud, what it means for LeaseWeb and how we implement it into our products.

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LeaseWeb’s network activities during the holiday season and beyond

Today’s post gives you an insight into LeaseWeb’s networking department and our activities during December. As you know, we’ve had a really busy year providing reliable and high capacity data to and from the internet and across our customers, whilst managing network access and security.

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LeaseWeb offers free CDN to its beta test customers

The LeaseWeb development team is working around-the-clock, eagerly preparing and testing the latest customer offering, our new Content Delivery Network (CDN) provision. Interested in seeing what the LeaseWeb CDN can do for you? We are currently offering two months of free traffic to customers wishing to beta test our service. Mozilla (creator of popular browser Firefox) is already enjoying our latest and most flexible CDN solution on the market. So if you, like Mozilla, are interested in joining the beta test, please contact one of our sales members today to find out more information and benefit from this offer.

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GUS2CAS: Improving our hosting services across the globe

Setting up hosting services in ‘foreign’ territory isn’t something that you can set up in a day, not even if you’re already an international hosting provider. Step-by-step you build up your business, paying attention to your customers’ demands and evolving your proposition accordingly. At LeaseWeb, this process became a large ‘behind the scenes’ project we dubbed GUS2CAS. We are very happy to announce that last week, we successfully deployed the first phase of this project. We’ve added important new features to our website based on customer feedback and improved the back end of our ordering system. Read on to learn what has been changed.

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LeaseWeb on Twitter

Leaseweb's Arno Witvliet speaks to Dutch IT-Channel about cloud infrastructure and the opportunities offered to MSPs and ISVs

test Twitter Media - Leaseweb's Arno Witvliet speaks to Dutch IT-Channel about cloud infrastructure and the opportunities offered to MSPs and ISVs

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test Twitter Media - Is Your Website Ready for Holiday Season Traffic?

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