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Deploy Software RAID through the LeaseWeb Customer Portal or API

bareMetal_USP_controlFor businesses or organizations whose data is particularly sensitive or mission critical, disk fault tolerance and optimized performance aren’t luxury add-ons but absolute must haves. A Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) provides the additional capacity, reliability and performance they need by combining an array of physical hard disks into a single logical disk.

RAID is a common feature on servers and almost all storage platforms because no single disk could meet all the capacity and performance demands of a busy server. To make RAID an even more valuable feature for customers, LeaseWeb has now automated its implementation – making it much quicker to deploy. Currently the feature is only available for CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu but we are working to bring the feature on board for more operating systems in the near future.

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New Console feature for LeaseWeb Cloud and Virtual Servers

I am happy to announce the addition of the new Console feature for LeaseWeb’s Cloud and Virtual Server products. This new feature allows you to control your instances as if you were physically connected to the server. It is available for all Cloud and Virtual Servers instances ordered after 19 March 2012 (instances ordered before that date were delivered on a different platform).

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Public beta of mobile-optimized Customer Portal now available!

In the 21st century, being mobile is no longer a luxury, it’s a bare necessity. Our mobile phones have integrated so much with our daily chores that we hardly realize the worth, except for those odd moments when we accidentally leave them home!

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Teaming up with our customers for cool ideas

When you run into someone in the hallways of the LeaseWeb’s offices and say ‘Hey, how’s it going?” the most common answer you will get is “Great! But busy!”

It’s true, we’re all so involved with whatever it is we’re doing, literally running sometimes day and night to meet deadlines. From my point of view, you really need to be smart about striking a balance between meeting those deadlines, while still taking your time to be creative to bring that extra something into your work.

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LeaseWeb Customer Portal updated

The LeaseWeb Customer Portal is the place where you can manage many features of your hosting infrastructure solutions. We deployed a few new features, which we describe below.

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LeaseWeb Customer Portal: Ticket overview & Replies

On the 16th December of last year we wrote about the creation of tickets in our Customer Portal. Since then we have seen a lot of customers who started using this feature and already received a lot of positive responses on this topic. We also got many questions on when we would enable the viewing of and replying to tickets in the Customer Portal. Now, with the release of our newest sprint, we did just that!

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LeaseWeb Customer Portal: What’s new

It’s been a while since we last updated you on the features we have introduced for our Customer Portal. But of course that doesn’t mean we’ve been leaning back! Here’s what’s new in our latest sprint:

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