Managing and scaling globally: the good, the bad, and the ugly

PrivateNetwork_2_ScaleOver the last few years, cloud-based business solutions have fundamentally changed the way we do business on nearly every level, offering unprecedented mobility, accessibility and storage. The global business landscape still presents challenges, however, as businesses learn how to integrate current systems and harness the power of the cloud to its fullest capacity.

At LeaseWeb, we know that businesses experience a wide variety of triumphs and trials when it comes to managing resources and scaling to demand. That’s why we’re going beyond just the “good” in this blog post and talking about what we’ve seen our customers really experience.

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Join us on June 4 for the LeaseWeb Tech Summit

tech summit logoThursday June 4 is going to be the day: the second LeaseWeb Tech Summit will take place in Amsterdam. The Tech Summit is going to be a spectacular event full of fascinating technical presentations by hosting specialists from all around the world. But there is also plenty of time to ask questions and to socialize while enjoying a drink.

The Tech Summit is intended for techies, so you won’t be hearing marketing pitches and sales talks. What you will get to hear are the latest technical ins-and-outs about hosting, automation and security. Besides speakers from LeaseWeb, there are also (international) experts from companies like Docker, Sendgrid, Cisco Systems, PowerDNS, NTT Networks, Coolblue and So it’s the perfect opportunity to exchange thoughts about cutting edge technology with experts you don’t run into every day. What can you expect?

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Attention solution providers: don’t get lost in the cloud

cloud2A little while back I attended the Cloud Partners conference in Chicago. One of most striking things I heard was in a keynote session delivered by Tiffani Bova from Gartner. She stated that cloud adoption slowed down! And this was not because of lack of end-user demand. Instead, it was due to solution providers (SPs) not transforming their business fast enough to fit the cloud era and unlock its market potential.

It’s a shame, really – considering the revenues they can generate from cloud. A recent study by AMI_Partners showed that SPs with moderate to low growth rate in the U.S. obtain only a third of their revenues from cloud. At the same time, SPs with a high growth rate enjoy half of their revenues from cloud.

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And… We’re back from HostingCon 2012!

HostingCon 2012 has been a very refreshing experience for LeaseWeb USA this year, attending such an important industry event with our entire team was an amazing opportunity. We shared and learned about industry trends, shook hands with our customers and partners – but most of all we got completely hyped up to bring a fresh breeze from Boston’s Bay with us!

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HostingCon 2012: Here we come

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! It seems like yesterday that I was standing around the HostingCon 2011 booth with my colleagues, talking to customers, partners, industry experts and more. But this year is going to be extra-special: For the first time, our entire US Sales team is going to be there to meet you and tell you what we’ve been up to in our Northern Virginia datacenter.

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Three e-tailing developments around the globe

As Business Development Manager for LeaseWeb, I regularly visit e-commerce events like Webwinkel Vakdagen and E-commerce Paris. These types of events are very important to me. Not just because of possible leads, but also because these gatherings allow you to touch base, so to speak. It gives me a chance to hear what people talk about and what’s keeping them busy. I also get to see where the e-tailing industry as a whole is headed. Based on this, I thought it would be nice to share some of my observations with you:

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GameConnection 2011 – LeaseWeb spreading the word about hosting online games


GameConnection logo

The doors have closed on Game Connection Europe 2011, where the gaming industry was out in full force to share ideas and visions on the latest developments in MMOs, console-based games and mobile. Since 2001 GameConnection has been the place to be for video games professionals. It gathers key players from the game industry twice a year, in Europe and in the US, to help them do business together, connect, share and socialize in a lively environment.

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It’s all in the game, part 3: Fast scalability and MMO gaming

Welcome to the third article in our short series of blog posts on hosting for the online gaming industry. Soon a team of LeaseWeb Online gaming experts will leave for GameConnection Europe, but until then, we’ll cover various principles of hosting for online games. We’ve already talked about reliability and connectivity. Now it’s time to turn the spotlight on (cue the sound of drums): Scalability.

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It’s all in the game, part 2: Ensuring worldwide connectivity for your MMO games

Welcome to the second part in our blog series on hosting for the online gaming industry. In the weeks leading up to GameConnection Europe, we’ll talk about various topics to keep in mind when looking for a suitable hosting solution for MMO games. This week we are looking at connectivity.

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LeaseWeb visits Webit in Bulgaria to discuss hosting and mobile with digital marketers

Webit Congress has been recognised as one of the best meeting points for the digital industry players from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) – and basically the rest of the world too. LeaseWeb attended as one of 5000 professionals from the digital marketing and IT industry in CEE, including companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft Advertising, eBay, PayPal, Yandex and Yahoo!

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