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What you need to know about spam (part 2)

secureLast time, we talked about how spammers gather email addresses and then make money from them. This time we’re looking at a few more things you may not know about spam.

How to prevent your promo emails being marked as spam
You have a web shop with a lot of customers who would benefit from knowing you have a sale next week. How do you make sure that your email won’t get marked as spam?
The following rules have been created to make sure companies can send out marketing emails to their customers without them ending up in the junk folder.

  • Double opt-in: Each customer must (1) actively sign up for emails on your website and (2) respond to an email sent by you to confirm that they indeed want to receive them.
  • A fully functioning opt-out option in each marketing email they receive: Each marketing email you send needs to have an opt-out option – one which actually works.

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What you need to know about spam (part I)

secureWhere does spam come from? Why do people send it? And what can we do to stop it clogging up our inboxes? This two-part article explores these issues and comes up with practical ideas for keeping us safe, secure and spam-free.

Clickbait articles
It’s almost impossible to open your e-mail inbox and to not see spam in there. In some cases, it’s because someone unintentionally for signed up to things like clickbait articles. A clickbait article is, for instance, an article where they promise you a free trip to New York – although the free trip may not even exist. Most of the time those articles channel responses to information harvesters which, in turn, will lead to databases containing literally millions of email addresses and personal contact details. Such databases or lists can be sold to the highest bidder on the dark net/dark web/deep web, or even on normal sites.

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