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Still happy at LeaseWeb after all these years

Working for LeaseWebI have been working for LeaseWeb for more than 7 years, and I’m still enjoying every day. But in all this time, I have yet to write a blog post about my experience, or reasons for staying at the company for all these years. So here’s my story.

I joined LeaseWeb in 2010 as a Corporate Recruiter, the first one they hired in fact. Although I felt insecure about leaving my job to start a new adventure, all my worries disappeared at my first interview. I knew the company; I had been recruiting new employees for them as an external recruiter more than 6 months. Impressed by their growth I understood the challenges they were facing, so I was excited to have my interview.

I had been working for Manpower for more than 10 years, and really enjoyed the variety of fun projects I worked on. Still, for a number of different reason, I had the feeling that I was not at full speed. Feeling somewhat limited in my personal development, as well in my goal to reach bigger achievements, I took the chance on a new company.

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LeaseWeb’s Traineeship Career Program

One of the largest hurdles any IT company faces is finding good programmers to hire. That’s why we recruited a group of young professionals that interested in a career in IT. We trained them for 6 months, coupling them with our senior developers. Afterwards, we asked them to share what they learned:

As this video shows, it doesn’t matter where you come from. You can become anything you like, as long as you have the will to succeed.

Are you interested in joining us? Visit to learn more.

LeaseWeb’s hosting servers now host the OCOM careers website

You may have read in our previous blog post that we were due to launch the new OCOM recruitment website. Well, our web design team has made the final touches, the HR department has populated the vacancy listings, and we are delighted to announce that the new website is now live from our own web hosting servers! Please visit and don’t forget to add us to your favorites!

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Interested in the LeaseWeb job vacancies? The new OCOM recruitment website will help you out!

Here at LeaseWeb we’re excited to see the business going from strength to strength. However, business growth means we ultimately need more people working for us, which means more LeaseWeb job vacancies. To further our ongoing expansion the OCOM group which LeaseWeb is part of, put together a new recruitment site that will not only outline our current job offerings, but is also a source of information for industry professionals on the company and our recruitment process.

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