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A million views and counting – find out what’s new about our Knowledge Base

The LeaseWeb Knowledge Base (KB) makes all information about our products and services instantly available to the online community – making it not just a storehouse of powerful information, but an actual audit of the work happening at LeaseWeb, empowering you to easily resolve issues, quickly find solutions, and access unlimited storehouse of information. The KB is evolving, and we encourage you to be part of this interesting journey. With your constructive feedback, we can create and make relevant information reach millions of visitors, thereby enriching your user experience.
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LeaseWeb moves to its new European headquarters in Amsterdam

Work is fun – that’s the first thing that strikes our mind as we enter LeaseWeb’s sprawling headquarters. Our new custom-designed 6-story office space opens its gates today. Standing tall and proud at the heart of Netherland’s thriving business center, this 6700 square-meter building houses our multi-cultural team of over 250 skilled employees, and much more…

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Public beta of mobile-optimized Customer Portal now available!

In the 21st century, being mobile is no longer a luxury, it’s a bare necessity. Our mobile phones have integrated so much with our daily chores that we hardly realize the worth, except for those odd moments when we accidentally leave them home!

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