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LeaseWeb visits Webit in Bulgaria to discuss hosting and mobile with digital marketers

Webit Congress has been recognised as one of the best meeting points for the digital industry players from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) – and basically the rest of the world too. LeaseWeb attended as one of 5000 professionals from the digital marketing and IT industry in CEE, including companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft Advertising, eBay, PayPal, Yandex and Yahoo!

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A visit to the PLNOG 2011

Last week, LeaseWeb visited the PLNOG (Polish Network Operator Group) conference, the biggest networking conference in and around Poland. Over 500 attendees formed one big melting pot of different telecom, network and IT companies. There were also lot of network architects, system administrators, datacenter employees and content providers visiting the event, which is held on a regular basis.

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