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Buy or Build? How IT Services Firms Can Partner for Cloud Success

Hosting InfrastructureIT services companies – from managed service providers to pure consultants – often face a difficult decision whether to “buy or build” hosting infrastructure to meet client requirements. As the cloud market matures and providers expand their options for partners, services companies now have better options for working with infrastructure that is already there rather starting from scratch. Nevertheless, let’s consider both sides of the fence and look at where it makes sense to buy and build a cloud service.

When buying into the cloud is better

There are many good reasons for IT service providers to engage with an existing cloud provider, including:

  • No data center or hardware infrastructure investments. This might seem obvious, but many IT companies invest in cloud infrastructure only to find the return is less than anticipated. The procurement and management requirements of all the components necessary for a scalable cloud are easily underestimated and require specialist skills.
  • Avoid high maintenance costs. In addition to the capital investments, running a cloud requires ongoing maintenance costs often not anticipated during the build stage. And as a cloud partner you get access to better rates and healthy margins usually associated with equipment reselling, but often overlooked in the cloud.

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We partner with Northwave to offer managed security services

leaseweb_northwave_partnershipWe are happy to announce that we have started a strategic partnership with Northwave to offer clients advanced managed security services. LeaseWeb clients are now able to put their IT environments under the permanent protection of the Northwave Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

The partnership is set up to guide and advise LeaseWeb customers on all security related topics.

The new security services are delivered as a tailor made extension to the Leaseweb Private Cloud, Dedicated Hosting and co-location services and available December 1st 2016. 

For more details, read our press release here.

The LeaseWeb Startups Program: giving new businesses a flying start

StartUps_02_ConsultationNot so long ago – relatively speaking – LeaseWeb was a startup company. We were three guys crammed into a tiny office with not much more equipment than a phone, a couple of personal computers and a fax machine. Twenty or so years on, just look at us: a $100 million dollar company employing over 370 talented people on three continents. So when we set up a special Startups Program, believe us, we know what new businesses need to succeed.

Why we’ve launched the LeaseWeb Startups Program
We recognized that we are in a pretty unique position. On the one hand, we obviously have an understanding of infrastructure that’s second to none. And, on the other, we have this strong connection with startups. We understand the issues that are most important to them – uptime, scalability, profitability, and so on – which means that we are perfectly placed to partner with them and help nurture their growth.

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LeaseWeb’s Partner Network is growing

New LeaseWeb Partner Innitel offers efficient and innovative telecom solutions

innitel logoThe LeaseWeb Partner network is continually expanding. We have introduced three different channels in which we focus on strengthening our business partners: one for authorized resellers who distribute our product range in many geographical locations, the second for specialized partners who offer their solutions on top of ours, and the third are referral partners who recommend their customers to use LeaseWeb as their infrastructure provider.

In April, we signed Innitel as a partner. Innitel offers smart and efficient telecom solutions for a wide array of verticals in business. They now combine the LeaseWeb infrastructure with their products and offer it as one solution to customers.
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Why resellers choose LeaseWeb Cloud

cloud_USP_controlThere are many cloud offerings on the market, and many hosting providers who would like to partner with resellers when it comes to cloud solutions offered to customers. How is LeaseWeb’s cloud different?

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Hybrid infrastructure: make your business competitive and cost-effective

Israel is a hot tech nation. The Israeli tech boom rivals that of Silicon Valley, and the ‘start-up nation’ spends double the world’s average GPB on R&D. Not surprisingly, many Israeli start-ups have been acquired by US companies.

Israel’s innovative drive and tech focus has created a magnetic bond between LeaseWeb and Silicon Wadi, as many call the country today. We have organized several events with local Israeli partners and have invested funds to help customers benefit from both our products. We believe true partnership means that partners complement each other’s abilities to accomplish what one partner cannot accomplish alone.

About a month ago, we organized the panel discussion and happy hour ‘Drink and Think’ in Tel Aviv together with our partner MoovingON and one of our mutual customers. The topic of the joint event: pro’s and con’s of a hybrid infrastructure.

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LeaseWeb’s Specialized Partner Program – how do you step into someone else’s shoes?

LeaseWeb Authorized Reseller 180pxIn our last blog, we wrote that the first step in creating a solid partner program and engage with the right partners is to define what a true partnership means: a partner is someone who will complement our abilities to accomplish what we cannot accomplish by ourselves, and vice versa. And that my success in achieving this, will be predicted by the success of my partner.

This is why we are now launching a worldwide Specialized Partner Program. LeaseWeb is looking for Solution Providers such as Managed Service Providers (MSP’s), System Integrators (SI’s), IT Consultants and Value Added Resellers (VARs) to help us reach markets we have not reached before in the SMB, Mid Market and enterprise segments. Solution Providers will be able to take LeaseWeb’s platform, benefit from our infrastructure and services and build additional services on top of it to create a coherent solution that matches the customer’s needs.

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What does partnership mean to you?

LeaseWeb Authorized Reseller 180px

For me, the first step in creating a solid partner program and engage with the right partners is to define what a true partnership means to me.

I realize that a partner is someone who will complement my abilities to accomplish what I cannot accomplish by myself, and in some cases vice versa. And that my success in achieving this, will be predicted by the success of my partner.

So, to make sure my partner will succeed, it is crucial from the very beginning to understand what he needs from me to succeed. Then, we can build what will become a long-lasting relationship based on rational values and principles that will drive the manner in which we will eventually support our commitments to each other.

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MoovingON: Why startups need to start with a hybrid cloud infrastructure

While visiting DLD Tel Aviv last week I had the pleasure of grabbing a coffee with our good friends Roy and Avi, founders of the Israeli company MoovingON.logo- your peace of mind

Scalability comes at a price
We got into an interesting conversation about startups and how beginning with an elastic cloud platform makes sense for them because it allows easy scalability. So, as the business grows and traffic increases the platform expands elastically to accommodate.

Trouble is, the costs are also elastic and tend to start ballooning. But while the business is booming it’s difficult to change course or even find time to plan ahead. The root of the problem is the billing arrangements for every cloud service asset: not only CPU time but memory and disk capacity usage, cashing traffic usage and upstream/downstream traffic usage being charged by the gigabyte.

How, then, is it possible to scale a cloud solution while controlling unnecessary elastic usage – and so control costs too?

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Peer5: making P2P seamlessly accessible

It’s no secret that Israel is a major player when it comes to innovation in general, and in the internet industry specifically.

Remember when we shared the Three reasons why Israel is the world’s hottest tech nation after we visited the country last December? Well, a lot has happened since then, and we’d like to showcase some of our inspiring Logo Peer5Israeli customers who are architecting the future in almost every industry. Some of their initiatives will make your jaw drop!

I’ll be presenting various examples during the coming months, but the first one just has to be one of my favorite startups, Peer5, who developed a way of delivering content including, video, files, games and any other data by connecting users to an efficient P2P network (mesh).

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