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Customer Spotlight: How AFAS Software balances reliability, performance and costs

AFAS Software is a leading Dutch vendor of ERP software solutions, and has been working with LeaseWeb for over 6 years now. This short video explains how LeaseWeb’s hosting solutions helps them balance reliability, performance and costs.

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Looking back at the LeaseWeb Texel Airshow 2015

LeaseWeb provides powerful hosting infrastructure that is blazingly fast, has maximum uptime and behaves in a reliable manner. This is an essential part of our service, because just like pilots rely on the systems of their aircraft, our customers trust our solutions to work without a fault.

Why do I draw this comparison? Well, LeaseWeb was originally founded by two pilots. Way back in 1997, Con Zwinkels and Laurens Rosenthal flew huge airplanes from one continent to the other. During their free time, they developed a commercial website which eventually evolved into the global hosting provider we know and love today. Now, I’ll save the full company history for another day, but whether it’s steering complex machines through the air or setting up complex machines in data centers, reliable technology has always formed the heart and soul of LeaseWeb.

That’s why we were once again the sponsor of one of Europe’s greatest airshows, the aptly named LeaseWeb Texel Airshow:

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LeaseWeb’s new Partner Program: greater incentives and benefits

Plus the full range of Cloud, Bare Metal and CDN services!

This week, we launched a new-look global partner network program to offer reseller and channel partners a more competitive, market-oriented and comprehensive package of products, services and support.

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

From 0 to 3.5 Tbps: the exponential growth of one of the world’s largest network

Every day our engineers work on growing our network. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and appreciate how far we’ve come. To learn more about our network also check out our Network Map (PDF).

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The Netherlands – land of data centers

A guest blog by Michiel Steltman, Director of the DHPA (Dutch Hosting Provider Association).

When you would ask an average EU citizen how the Internet works and where most websites and cloud services are hosted, most people will mention the U.S. as the main source of Internet technologies and services. And when you would ask an EU politician about the Internet, his or her first emerging thought would be a concern about taps, privacy, or cybercrime.

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Keep on gaming! LeaseWeb helps Sunset Games’ Tank Fighter stay on target with 100% uptime

Sunset Games A guestblog By Shay Hugi, CEO of Sunset Games.

Picture this. You are a tank gunner chasing an elusive enemy. Finally you have them cornered. You take aim to blow them to smithereens… And your screen stutters and freezers. Not good. That’s why we chose LeaseWeb to make sure that does not happen to any of our players.

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100GE: a logical next step for large networks

A guestblog by Pauline Hartsuiker, Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX)

AMS-IXInternet traffic is growing fast. More people are making use of wireless devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Cisco predicts in its Visual Networking Index that Internet traffic from these devices will exceed traffic from wired devices by 2014. Moreover, peak Internet traffic is growing more rapidly than average traffic. Cisco’s index reports that peak traffic will increase nearly fivefold by 2016. These developments put a large pressure on the capacity of IP networks. For organizations already dealing with high amounts of Internet traffic (such as a hosting provider), a 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) connection to an Internet exchange is a good solution.

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Our holiday wishes to you

LeaseWeb's holiday wishes

Magic in the air during the LeaseWeb Texel Airshow

Wow… Just wow… That’s the best description of the LeaseWeb Texel Airshow 2012. LeaseWeb was the proud head sponsor of this unique event, which took place on the 28th of July on the island of Texel, the Netherlands. We had been working like mad men (and women) in the weeks leading up to day of the show, designing t-shirts, ordering fifteen thousand miniature versions of the LeaseWeb Extra 330LT, and doing quite a bit of PR-activity to attract attention to the event. We also invited many customers and partners to enjoy the spectacle with us. And, of course, all our employees were welcome too, whether they worked in our Dutch, German or American offices.

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