A closer look at abuse handling at LeaseWeb

StartUps_02_ConsultationIt should come as no surprise that the LeaseWeb services companies receive abuse notifications on a daily basis. That’s why last July, a new LeaseWeb Abuse Handler was launched which increases efficiency for those who submit notifications, for our customers and for the LeaseWeb companies.

We receive abuse notifications from a variety of companies and NGOs including banks, brand owners and blacklists. Most of these notifications are generated in an automated matter and are directly forwarded to us when an IP address of one of the LeaseWeb companies has been detected. We also receive notifications from individuals through several channels such as email, the web form at leaseweb.com and social media. All notifications are taken seriously and immediately forwarded to our customers to ensure fast processing and a quick solution of the abuse issue.

Submitting a notification to one of the LeaseWeb companies
LeaseWeb companies have no access to the servers of our customers. Our customersare free to configure their server(s) to their own needs, as long as they are compliant with local law and the LeaseWeb terms and conditions that apply in the country where the server resides. But all LeaseWeb companies have a dedicated abuse email address which can be found at our Abuse Prevention webpage. The requirements for submitting a notification with one of the LeaseWeb companies can also be found on our website.

The most important requirements to submit a notification are:

  • Include the URL (if applicable) to the abusive material
  • Include a valid LeaseWeb IP address and/ or domain
  • Include a short description of the issue (is it about copyright infringement, phishing, etc.?)
  • Include evidence (if applicable)

Be sure to submit your notification to the right LeaseWeb company
When submitting a notification, make sure you are filing your notification with the right LeaseWeb company: LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V., LeaseWeb USA, Inc., LeaseWeb Deutschland GmbH, LeaseWeb Pacific Pte. Ltd., LeaseWeb CDN B.V., or LeaseWeb Network B.V. If you are not 100% sure whether you have selected the right company, verify the IP-address using RIPE.net (EU) or ARIN.net (US). By doing this you will be sure to have submitted your notification to the correct company.

When submitting a notification regarding copyright infringement, also be sure to read our page about the Legal Framework, where you will find all necessary information on how each company handles copyright infringement notifications and what is required.

Tutorial: how to logon to your Linux dedicated server

As I wrote in my previous post, we receive a lot of questions about how you can logon to your server. Today I’ll show you how you can access your Linux-based server.

We have a lot more information avilable for you! Watch our other tutorials at http://lsw.to/yzF or check out our Knowledge Base.

Tutorial: how to logon to your Windows dedicated server

One of the most frequently asked questions is how you can logon to your dedicated server. So I decided to quickly show you. At LeaseWeb, you can have different operating systems, today we’ll look at a Windows server. Next time I’ll show you how you can logon to a Linux server.

Want more info? Watch our other tutorials at http://lsw.to/yzF, or check out our Knowledge Base.

Working for LeaseWeb: Where are they now?

5 years at LeaseWebThree years ago, Shaina Prabhakar wrote a blog about her work at LeaseWeb. A lot has changed since then, so let’s take a look at where she is now.

It’s fascinating to see how technology is innovating in ways to help and serve people. Before LeaseWeb, I used to work at a company which manufactured servers and networking devices. During that time I never got to speak to the end users, to see how they benefit from these products. At LeaseWeb I get that opportunity.

After three years of as part of the LeaseWeb Sales team I became the team manager of our Sales Support department. I interacted directly with our customers, learning what they’re looking for and how they like to buy and manage our products. One of the easiest ways for our customers to do this is through our website and Customer Portal. As I hold a degree in Information Sciences, my experience in sales together with my IT skills meant that I was in the unique position to become the Product Owner of our website and Customer Portal.

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LeaseWeb Application Security introduction

DDoS attacks and other forms of cybercrime are becoming more and more frequent. That’s why we recently launched a new service called LeaseWeb Application Security. Here’s a quick video-tour of the easy-to-use dashboard from which you can adjusts your security situations, monitor suspicious traffic, respond to threats and more.

LeaseWeb Application Security is further augmented by a 24/7 Security Operation Center that reacts to every incoming attack. With the help of the Security Operation Center, you can constantly analyze your vulnerability and mitigate threats with a high degree of customization. For real-time mitigation of spammers, data breaches and DDoS attacks, application security experts are available 24/7.

Want to learn more about how you can protect your data? Visit http://lsw.to/lyA

Developing business by building trust

LeaseWeb Authorized Reseller 180pxWhen doing business, you want to be able to trust your partners. In modern days, this means that every partner in the supply chain needs to implement a unified compliance approach to ensure the entire chain is certified. This can be a time and energy-consuming task however, which is not part of a company’s core business. For not only do you need to re-evaluate and adjust your processes to gain the certifications, the necessary audits can be costly as well.

It is good to know that there is an easy way out: look for an infrastructure partner that can provide you with compliance, including all necessary legal requirements, and incorporate third party controls and processes seamlessly into your own governance framework. See quickly and clearly all your security measures and be 100% sure that the necessary tools, control and processes are in place to cancel out continuity risks. Without affecting the operational efficiency of your business.

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Building bare metal: Automation services available to all LeaseWeb customers

bareMetal_USP_controlSome 18 months ago we noticed a trend in the market that Hosting Providers that offered automated server deployments were starting to call their Dedicated Server products Bare Metal Servers. As LeaseWeb has been offering automated server deployments since 2008 it was a very logical step to follow this trend. Recently we reintroduced our Dedicated Server product next to our Bare Metal offering with a clear distinction between the two.

When you order a dedicated server with us now, it is possible to adjust the RAM and HDD configuration as you might wish. A LeaseWeb engineer can configure it exactly as desired. This may take a little longer than when you order a bare metal server, but it adds to your flexibility and freedom if you can build your server just the way you want it.

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The importance of the voluntary code “Notice and Takedown”

This is a guest blog by Michiel Steltman, Director of DINL (Dutch Digital Infrastructure Association).

The enormous growth of the online economy in the last two decades has made the Netherlands a strong player in the online world. The AMS-IX, world’s largest Internet exchange, has attracted many carrier neutral datacenters and enabled a substantial hosting industry. Which in turn has attracted major Internet brands. Next to the Rotterdam Harbor and Schiphol Airport our Digital Infrastructure is now Holland’s third main port which made the Netherlands also the digital gateway to Europe. It fuels Cloud as the new style of IT, it enables innovations and startups and it provides a strong base for Holland’s future knowledge- and services based economy.

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LeaseWeb’s Traineeship Career Program

One of the largest hurdles any IT company faces is finding good programmers to hire. That’s why we recruited a group of young professionals that interested in a career in IT. We trained them for 6 months, coupling them with our senior developers. Afterwards, we asked them to share what they learned:

As this video shows, it doesn’t matter where you come from. You can become anything you like, as long as you have the will to succeed.

Are you interested in joining us? Visit http://leaseweb.onlinevacatures.nl/en/Vacancy to learn more.

How the Safe Harbour principle invalidation affects LeaseWeb

The Court of Justice declares that the Commission’s U.S. Safe Harbour Decision is invalid.

The Safe Harbour arrangement has been in place since 2000. It was formalized by the European Commission’s Safe Harbour Decision (2000/520/EC), and permitted the transfer of personal data of
Europeans to the U.S., to companies that are self-certified under the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles
and registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Last Tuesday, in a landmark judgment, the European Court of Justice – Europe’s highest court – declared the Safe Harbour Decision invalid. At present, it is not yet fully clear what the consequences will be of this judgment of the ECJ. What is clear, however, is that data should no longer be transferred to U.S. organizations solely on the basis they are Safe Harbour-certified. Companies that transfer personal data from the EU to the U.S., or rely on the processing of personal data in the U.S., will need to review their data flows for compliance with EU data protection law. They will likely need to consider alternative cross-border transfer solutions, e.g. by applying binding corporate rules, EU model contract clauses and/or obtaining individual persons’ consent for the transfer of their data. That operation will be time consuming and expensive. All this could potentially have serious implications for cloud hosting providers and their customers, who are suddenly faced with data residency issues.

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